This Beautiful Life

I have been moving into my new place since the beginning of June, and while I am excited about the opportunity to have a new, beautiful place, I have been thinking a lot about my journey. In the past five years or so, my life has changed in so many ways.

I went from being the girlfriend of a drug addict and abusive boyfriend, allowing myself to be bashed in the back of the skull on a regular basis and apologizing for it to a woman with PTSD and a list of triggers. Now I’m healing every day and getting married in a few months. I have found a man who accepts my past and loves me like I am a beautiful, amazing creature.

The way he looks at me sometimes like I am responsible for his bliss, it makes me feel like maybe I am special after all. I never thought the simple pleasures would be the ones that thrilled me, but I love our simple, beautiful life. Enjoying meals together, fixing up our little home, talking about our days.

It’s a wonderful life. Simple 


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