Thoughts about the Rewriting Process

I have been rewriting my novel from the beginning scene for a couple of weeks now, and I feel like I should have made much more progress than I have. I am agonizing over sentences, little details and thoughts keep me awake at night. I want every phrase perfect, I want every scene glorious. I think of authors I respect and admire, the ones who paint pictures of places I have never been before with simple turns of phrases. It doesn’t need to be complicated or convoluted to be beautiful, but it does need to be beautiful.

I know a lot of times I write what others may consider “poetic prose” at best and “purple prose” at worst. I don’t want to be considered an author who writes purple prose. So I guess as I’m rewriting the beginning scenes, I may have to clean up some of my writing as well. Might as well. Couldn’t hurt. Might help.



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