{Poetry}: A Heart as a Locket

In honor of World Poetry Day, an exclusive poem.

My lips curve to form a perfect heart.
My eyes are as deep as crushed velvet
(as heavy as a pair of full moons).

I have my heart hooked onto a chain
and worn it as a pendant for weeks.
(The modern girl’s equivalent of
wearing her heart sewn into her sleeve.)

My heart has rusty hinges
and a worn-out key.

Don’t twist a key into the lock.
Don’t knock at the wrought iron gate.
(The hinges will snap off,
and this locket will break.)

In the past, I wore it
laced at my throat
like a noose.
You can stop pretending
you liked me
my heart at my throat.

(Maybe then you’ll realize
every time I refer to ‘you’,
I’m secretly referring to

Maybe then you’ll realize
I misplaced the key
to my broken heart.)

It doesn’t matter anyhow.
You never tried to unlock my heart anyway.
I thought I knew love
(but all I knew was you).




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