Soulstice: an Anthology of Poetry & Photography


My poetry book is now out at Amazon, StarkLight Press’s online bookstore, and will be released in my hometown of St. Louis, Missouri, at a later date. I am so excited! Soulstice has been a labor of love, and now, you can have your very own copy!

All the poems contained within the book explore a range of emotional experiences I have undergone ranging from heartbreak, a destructive relationship, the loss of my grandparents, a dear friend’s death, to love, hope, a second chance at life, and many more. Creating this book has helped me explore all these feelings and provide you, the reader, with an intimate look at some of my own experiences–and hopefully they will resonate with you, the reader.


(PS. Here’s the link to the Amazon page:
and here’s the one to StarkLight Press: and I will post the link to the bookstore as soon as Soulstice is available there.)soulstice-2


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