{Day Three & Four}: 28 Day Challenge: Books you Love & Bullet your Day

{Five Books I Love}

  1. The World & Other Places Jeanette Winterson. Winterson’s poetic use of language always astounds me, and when I go to revisit her short stories, I fall in love with her worlds all over again. The beauty of flying, the heartache and pain of falling in love, your first dog, all sorts of commonplace events described in such searing language. I have never read an author who makes the ordinary sound so extraordinary.
  2. White Oleander Janet Fitch. Fitch is a wonderful artist who crafts beautiful sentences and creates an engaging, powerful novel to boot. I have never read a novel that transported me with individual sentences. Usually, I take a pencil and underline sentences I love in authors’ works; this whole book would be underlined.
  3. The Night Circus Erin Morgenstern. Her entire novel, based off a National Novel Writing Month novel she wrote, is satisfyingly lovely. It is succulent and beautiful. I can’t even begin to describe how much I love this novel. From start to finish, it’s like a good meal you enjoy and savor. Absolutely beautiful amount of details, a creatively imagined world. Just a fantastic read.
  4. The House on Mango Street Sandra Cisneros. This book threw my idea of writing into chaos when I was in high school. It was so beautiful and poetic and simple and accessible, yet it accessed ideas I didn’t think were “right” to write about. Its simple nature totally contradicted the darkness of some of the vignettes. It was altogether a life-changing piece of literature.
  5. Neverwhere Neil Gaiman. I know nerds everywhere herald Gaiman for American Gods, but for me the upside down, Alice-in-Wonderlandesque world of Neverwhere has completely transformed me as a writer. It inspired some of my own writing, particularly Angels of Dusk, and it has inspired me to be a better writer. I truly enjoy what Gaiman writes, and read everything of his I can, but Neverwhere is my absolute favorite. He, like Morgenstern, creates absolutely wonderful worlds that are so interesting and intriguing. He is a master.

{Bullet my Saturday}

  • 9:30 Wake up.
  • 9:40 Try to wake up the ball of snore next to me. (A.k.a. the future husband.)
  • 10:00 Ball of snore wakes up…slowly.
  • 10:20 Plan our day.
  • 11:00 Eggies and banana for breakfast.
  • 11:30 Go to add some items to our wedding registry.
  • 1:20 Realize time is slipping away from us.
  • 1:30 Future Husband goes to work to discuss promotion.
  • 1:40 I get bored waiting for him.
  • 2:00 I call my mother, only to hang up on her when I realize I have nothing to say to her.
  • 2:20ish Future Husband comes out.
  • 2:30-3:00ish: Drive to Hipster City and get somewhat lost.
  • 3:10: Find a parking spot.
  • 3:15 Struggle with the parking meter
  • 3:30 Lunch at the nostalgic diner in Hipster City
  • 4:00 Grab a cookie from the most AMAZING cookie shop on the planet.
  • 4:15ish Go to the tattoo parlor.
  • 4:18ish Leave the tattoo parlor.

After we left the tattoo parlor, we went home, I took a nap, and then our evening kind of wound down from there. We had a late dinner, watched some TV, wrote, before crashing early for the night.




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