Author Confession 19: Scares You Most

What scares you most…

Clowns. And vacuum cleaners.

about writing?

Oh. Oops.

What scares me most about writing is the vulnerability of it all. You open your heart up and you allow someone you don’t know to see all your scars and secrets and blemishes. I am a nervous wreck when someone is reading my works-in-progress because I know all of a sudden, they’re going to look at me differently. If it’s after they read my poetry, they may feel sorry for me or wonder how much my past has affected me. If it’s after they read my fiction, I worry what they think about who I am as an individual or if they think my fiction writing isn’t so great. I am very new to writing novels, and every time someone reads the beginning of my novel, I worry that I’m not pacing it correctly or following the proper rules or it’s not interesting enough or that I’m too wordy.

I have a lot of fears associated with my writing because I am so open and honest in my writing. Even when I write fiction, I am open and honest with my characters, I like them to be relateable, but my writing style is unique, so I know it may not be for more traditional readers of genre. I worry that people may look at my work and think I’m a fake or a phony. I have a lot of fears, and these are just the tip of the iceberg.



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