Author Confession 18: What is your Favorite Quote?

What is your favorite quote from your work-in-progress?

“My own mother’s image is like a Polaroid photograph before light touches the photo paper. It comes and goes in flashes, little glimmers of memory before they fade. If given enough time, an image comes to the surface.

My father is a little less than a whisper, a song hummed in my ear missing several notes. He left when I was so very young. I feel as though I am grasping at ghosts when I try to recall his memory.

My memories are insubstantial, as gauzy as silk scarves, as light as smoke. At times, my remembrances feel as though they were conjured up by a benevolent magician. Flowers cut of newsprint or a coin appearing from inside of your ear.”

from my main character, Aisling McHale’s journal entry.



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