{Day One}: 28 Day Challenge: Five Ways to Win Your Heart

  1. Make me an amazing breakfast. I’m talking about crispy bacon, fluffy pancakes, moderately crispy but still greasyish hash browns, maybe even throw a cheesy omelette my way.
  2. Make me know how much you love me. Compliment me, encourage me, have my back when no one else does, forgive me when I’m impossible to love, be kind to me, show interest in me, give me foot and back rubs.
  3. Make me forget about my shitty past. Listen to the stories, but make me forget how bad things were for a while. Distract me, take me bowling, to the art museum, to a burlesque show. Just help me forget. Listen and then teach me how to move on.
  4. Make me smile. Do little things to let me know you care. Make me laugh so hard I snort or silently laugh. Buy me flowers. Listen to the music I like. Write me love notes.
  5. Make time for me. Don’t make me feel like something else on your to-do list. Make sure I count, and you’re not just cramming me into your busy schedule. (Also, crispy bacon. Remember how much I love crispy bacon.)



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