Author Confession: Tell a Secret about your WIP

Tell a secret about your work-in-progress.

Many of my main characters: Ruby, Michael, and Aisling, all had complete transformations from the original draft of the novel to the current work-in-progress. Aisling was completely unrecognizable as first Hannah, then Greta. While her reading habits were much the same, her speaking patterns and even her appearance was transformed. She was a shy, bookish character without much interest in discovering the secret world of her dreams, but rather, spent most of her time with her nose in the dream interpretation book, trying to understand the marginalia contained within the pages.

Ruby was described as short and a very gaudy woman who wore bright colors, unlike the elegant, dignified character she is today. Michael as well transformed completely. He went from a Southern gentleman to a character who grew up just outside of New Amhurst in the rural part of town. He has a fleshed-out backstory that is completely unavailable in the original draft. Additionally, he lost his Southern accent from the first draft. (Thank God for small miracles!) The Southern accent was atrocious upon rereading it.



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