Author Confession: How Long have you Been Writing?

How long have you been writing?

I have been creating stories as long as I can remember. Even when I was a toddler and unable to write, I loved to imagine and create worlds in my mind. I wrote my first short story about gum drops when I was seven years old, and then, I couldn’t stop writing. I wrote poems about the sounds of colors, the magic of dreams being bottled in a dream shop, and much, much more.

As I got older, I would experiment with different fonts on my father’s word processing program, and as I experimented with fonts I created many different worlds. Learning Spanish in grade school, I crafted the beginning of a novel about a Spanish girl who was around my age, so eleven or twelve at the time, and her adventures in a Spanish-speaking town with pueblo buildings. I also wrote about a princess and her servant, sort of a story like “The Prince and the Pauper”; that was written entirely in Olde English font. I wrote about a slave girl in MS Handwriting when reading about slavery in school. A lot of my stories when I was younger directly related to things I was studying in school and fonts that I thought fit the characters’ inner thoughts. Most of what I wrote was written in first person, past tense, but the first person provided me with an immediacy with my characters that I liked so much.

Now, I hardly ever write in different fonts or in first person, but it’s amazing to think about some of the worlds I created from a very young age. I would love to revisit those novel beginnings, and perhaps transform them into something great. So, long answer short, I have been writing for over twenty years now.



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