Author Confession 7: How Long…

How long have you been writing your work-in-progress?

I think I’ve been working on this particular work-in-progress for four-and-a-half years on and off. I finally got serious about it this past year and really focused. I have half of it written, but before that, the idea was percolating in my mind, and the finer points of the plot weren’t exactly narrowed down. I struggled with the idea and initially, the story of Aisling McHale was the story of Greta, and Greta was a far different character with completely different struggles than Aisling.

It’s interesting to reread early drafts of the book to see how Greta morphed into Aisling. It was more than a simple name change; her whole persona changed. Now, she is left behind by a mother who passed away and a father who deserted her. In addition to trying to understand why her dreams are interfering with reality, Aisling struggles to understand who her family is and what her past consisted of. There are so many doors to her past she must open, but with one key, will she be able to open up her past, or will she be left in the dark forever?



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