Author Confession 6: Overused Words

What word do you use way TOO much?

My guilty pleasure word is “like”. I utilize a lot of similes and metaphors in my writing, and I find myself rereading my longer passages and see “like” or “as” in my writing way too much. I try to whittle them down so that they read more like long metaphors and not so many similes, but I have a tendency to write poetic prose, so there are a lot of similes in my writing.

I’m not sure if that counts, but I know when I’m editing my works-in-progress I see “like” come up a lot. It’s not that I’m a valley girl, like, oh my god, sort of thing…just that I’m guilty of wanting to insert another simile in my writing. Sometimes, I have to watch myself so my writing isn’t purple prose.



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