Author Confession 4: Genre

How did you choose your genre?

Most of my novel ideas just come to me, and regardless of the genre, I feel as though I am inspired to write them. It’s like my fingers are moving across the keyboard before I even know what I am doing. The genre isn’t something I consciously think about, but when discussing my writing with a friend, I noticed that I do have a theme most of the time.

Typically, my works involve a young woman whose world is not what it seems, and she has to make sense of the world she is in, whether it be because of her dreams colliding with reality as in my major work-in-progress, or it’s because of a debilitating mental illness as in Of Light & War. Each work features the struggle with making sense of one’s world, and I suppose that’s because I had struggled with making sense of my illness and the world I inhabited from a very early age on.

Sometimes, I struggle to define the genre I am working in because it is so new to me. It’s not quite science-fiction, but it’s also not quite realistic fiction either. My current work-in-progress is slipstream. For those unfamiliar with the genre, it’s fiction that is markedly stranger than our reality. It crosses boundaries between sci-fi (or non-realistic fiction) and mainstream fiction. The unifying detail in all my works is that they are not quite real and very often feature surreal details.



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