Author Confession 1: Favorite Character in my WIP

  Who is your favorite character in your WIP?

From my current work-in-progress, my favorite character to write is Ruby. She is a dignified, older woman who has a unique cadence to how she speaks, an almost lyrical quality, and she is more than meets the eye.

Ruby is the owner of Ruby’s Antique Emporium just outside of New Amhurst, and Michael, my main character’s best friend, suggests they go to the antique store to discuss some items Aisling, my main character, found. She and Michael are at once dazzled by the presence of Ruby, a tall, elegant, older woman. She is a delight to write because of her unique mannerisms and eloquent way of speaking.

What Aisling and Michael don’t realize is how pivotal Ruby will be to their exploration into Aisling’s dream realm.

An excerpt from my work-in-progress when Michael and Aisling meet Ruby Henry for the first time:

 She bent at the torso, polishing a wooden curio, yet somehow her posture made her look as graceful as a ballerina.

When she directed her glance upward, her eyes penetrated through them. They were a deep, icy blue as though they were cut of lapis lazuli, and they pierced into both Michael and Aisling with a mesmerizing intensity. As the woman rose to her full height, Aisling had to crane her neck to peer up at the woman. She was easily six feet tall, and her hair flowed like liquid fire in a vivid shade of red. Her clothing draped down her slim body, and she wore a bundle of bracelets on each arm. The effect was dainty somehow, not showy.

“Hello,” she said, her voice husky and warm, “welcome to Ruby’s Antique Emporium. I am Ruby Anne Henry, of course. What brings you in today?” Her arms swept around her in a grand display of hospitality and greeting. “Are you interested in a pocket watch or a typewriter?” Her gaze fell upon Michael. “Or perhaps you are more intrigued by record players, gold-and-ivory combs, or gowns from long ago?” She looked at Aisling. “Maybe you are interested in something else entirely.” The shop was quiet aside from Ruby’s speaking. There was something theatrical about Ruby’s inflection. Listening to her speak was like listening to a spoken word artist perform her poetry or a duchess give a grand speech.

Let me know what you think!



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