{Poetry }:Day Twelve: What’s in your Bag

Life Lived out of a Bag

The obligatory pen and notebook.
(In case inspiration strikes on the go
as it often does.)

A tampon in case bleeding starts.
(Too much information, certainly,
but you asked, so I will tell.)

A wallet with the bare minimum:
state-issued identification,
a credit card,
debit card,
and too many business cards for local businesses
that I do and don’t support.

Another pen, this one missing a cap
and can’t even write a squiggle.
Gum wrappers, receipts, a book to read
when waiting gets to be too long
(I tend to get rather impatient in public spaces).

A phone number for the guy who wanted to ask me out
(the phone number I refused to call but was flattered nonetheless).

A hairbrush, a couple of lip glosses, and some wadded-up tissues.

A mirror
because a lady is a lady, even if she is a disheveled writer.

A pamphlet about colors and painting rooms
because I believe colors can heal the soul.

A spoon for peaches and yogurt
(not because I’m a junkie),
a fork for meals on the go.

So, I guess it’s time to clean out my purse.
Destroy the evidence of a life lived out of a bag.


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