{Poetry}: Day Nine: Your Beliefs

I believe in love, second chances, the beauty of the moment.
I believe in healing yourself before helping others.
I believe in a god of sorts, I believe in forgiveness,
and I believe in unconditional love.

I believe in new opportunities and rebirths,
but I believe the world can be a dark place too.
I believe I have hit rock bottom before,
and now I’m crawling my way out,
and sometimes that takes years.

I believe in embracing life and being comfortable in your own skin.
I believe sometimes I’m a hypocrite, but I don’t mean to be.
I believe poetry is healing, and fiction is freeing.

I believe I can help make the world a better place,
but I believe too it needs to help itself sometimes.

I believe when someone says they’re sorry, chances are they mean it,
I believe in leaving history in the past but learning from it.
I believe I am a good person most of the time,
and I believe that some day I will look back on this and question every line.



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