{Poetry}: Day Seven: Your Best Friend


She has a heart of gold
(and though not tarnished,
it still has not become an alloy,
so her heart has scratches & scars)

We share the depths of our soul
and create beauty together
(in a world that can sometimes feel
so damn ugly)

She dares to live more bravely
than I have
(and makes choices I only wish
I had the courage to live out)

Her laughter is loud
(though her temperament-
quiet and sweet)

She compares herself to a Japanese spirit
(one that laughs loudly, eats all our food,
then vanishes)
but I see her as something more:
beautiful, brave, creative.

(The very things my soul wishes they could be.)


She has bared her soul to me
(allowed herself those naked vulnerabilities).
We have cried together over dashed dreams,
shattered memories, and fractured hearts.

She stood by my side during the best of times,
and yet when the bad times touched down
like a hurricane or a tornado,
she refused to run.

(She knows how to face down the disaster,
even when the disaster is me.)

There were blurry nights where liquids were drunk
and memories were hazy, but I remember the laughter,
the closeness.

Though times have changed, and no longer do I cower
at breaking glass and shattering hearts,
she still protects me always.

Her heart is beautiful,
her soul-lovely,
and I am the lucky one for having known her
through thick and thin,
forever and always.

My best friend.


The gaps are broken by laughter,
conversation about music and movies,

We talk about that night on the bluffs
like it’s a movie we watched in a darkened theater.
You saved me from my darkest hour,
and now, our conversations are slim,
but I knew from the moment I met you,

I would not forget.



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