Flashback Friday: {Prose}: Cooky, the Cocker Spaniel

Today, I was cleaning out my closet, and I found a battered teal notebook from 1996ish. I remembered instantly what the notebook was before opening it. It was the fictional story I had begun to subtly persuade my mother to buy my brothers and me a puppy. Rereading it was a blast, and as promised on both Facebook and Twitter, I’m going to post an exerpt of the story here on WordPress.

There is something to be said for how my writing style has developed since I was a young girl. One thing I had down pat without even realizing it was beginning a story “in media res”, a practice I need to develop for my current work-in-progress. However, my use of adverbs and tense-switching was atrocious. Without further ado (with all grammar, spelling, and other errors in tact), here is Cooky, the Cocker Spaniel.

Cooky, the Cocker Spaniel

by Lucie G.

I could not stop thinking of what kind of dog is my favorite. Scottish Terriers were cute, but cocker spaniels were sweet and adorable. Miniture Doberman Pinchers were fun to hold. “Cynthia yoohoo what’s the answer to 55 divided by 4?” “Mmm golden retrivers are nice.” I said dazedly. “I’m sorry that’s incorrect.” My teacher said as everyone laughed at my teacher’s remark. I slunk down in my chair turning all shades of red. Ringggg… The bell rang as a sign that school was over. I walked quickly to the pound on my way home. I held little puppies. I petted the bigger dogs. I went home barely able to put one foot in front of another I was so excited about the dogs. I told my mom I was sorry I was late. Then I took out my box of macaronie and cheese. I cooked it quickly thinking of dog names. “Duchess, Honey, Stephi, and Leslie. Hey what about boys. Mutton, Rex, Zucchini, and Christopher.”

“Uh-oh I might not even get one.” I muttered to myself as I gobbled down my meal. “So how was your day?” “Fine.” “What happened?” “The teacher called on me and everyone laughed at my answer.” “What’d you say?” Mom said. “Err, umm, well, the truth or something that sounds realistic?” “The truth.” “Well see I was thinking about Katy’s new golden retriver so I said ‘Golden retrivers are nice.’ “


The next morning we went on a field trip to the veternarian’s office. I looked at collies, chiwawas, birds, Siamese cats, and one fish. “Collies are cool.” Katy said wincing at the poor collie getting put to sleep. SChool was soon over. I came home and took out a Chocolate Filled Fudge Chip Cookie. And thought of one pair of pleading eyes with a limp tail bound to wag soon. I chuckeled as I saw a puppy bite the morsel quickly and then want the rest by begging of course. I cleaned it up giggling.

Bringalingling. “Hello” I said as I scooped up the phone. “Hi can you come over oh yeah, it’s Cara.” I tried to imitate a masculine voice of my father. “Sure what should I bring?” I said deeply. “Cynthia stop kidding around.” “My mom isn’t home so no but ya’ know the ten block rule. So, we could go to the pound.” “‘Kay.” I waited outside on my porch.


Cara came and we raced to the pound. We said “It’s a tie.” Then I looked around. They had new dogs. I went into the little booth with a little puppy. I petted him. I asked Suzy, a saleswomen what kind of dog it was. She replied, a cocker spaneil. On Friday, I went to see the dog I called ‘The Puppy’, but oh-oh! he was gone. No! He was, well, he felt like he was, mine. I loved him as if he were my own puppy. He was the perfect puppy potty trained, obidient, he knew a lot more tricks then the average dog and didn’t even want a treat but he still loved the treats. So I sadly slumply walked home. My mom said she had a gift. No dinky little gift would lift my spirits now. ‘The Puppy’ is gone. He has a whole new life and I’ll never see him again. So I took off the bow and carefull took off the paper inside was a shoe box with two holes on the side so you can make sure you like the shoe. I opened it up when “The Puppy” jumped into my lap and crawled upward and licked my whole face with his salty tounge. “The Puppy” was now “My Puppy”. His large brown eyes stared at me lovingly.

It goes on to explain Cynthia and The Puppy’s adventures, how he gets the name of Cooky, and his various talents and traits he develops over the course of the short story. It’s interesting to me to reread my old writing and to see how far I’ve come. I think I was so proud of the story of Cooky and Cynthia, and now, of course, rereading it, I just want to fix all the mistakes within the body of the text and focus on bigger, better plots, but it’s cool to see that I had the passion to sustain me through the short story of Cooky, the Cocker Spaniel.

I’ve grown a lot as an author. Now, I have over 40k words on one novel, a fan base on WordPress, Twitter, and Facebook, and more in the works. It’s incredible to me to feel as though I have accomplished so much and grown so much as a person and as an author. I know I still have plenty of room to grow as an author still, but it’s neat to see one’s progress as time marches forward. Though it was well over twenty years ago, my passion for writing hasn’t dimmed, and I only can go upwards as I continue to write more.

Hope you enjoyed this flashback to the past and being able to read a bit of a story from a younger Lucie Guerre.



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