{Poetry}: The Implicit Nature of Love

Today, I joined a writing group on Facebook. It’s called Writing: One Line a Day. Each day is a different writing prompt. Today’s prompt was “tacit”, which means “understood or implied without being stated”. I decided to write a poem.

Your tacit underpinings
meant more to me
than you would have ever known.

You think you weaken me,
you think my foundation crumbles,
but I have found strength within these walls.
(These walls we call home.)

Your tacit belief in me
was enough to transform
this budding blossom
into a full-grown garden.
(I never understood the implicit love;
I needed something more solidifying.)

You think you said it all in those unspoken glances,
instead, you left me baffled and alone,
but I will grow, despite the hurdles, despite the challenges.
(Because if you leave me alone in the dark for too long,
I will become a candle’s fickle flame.)


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