{Poetry}: The Balancing Act

Found this one in an old notebook of mine.

Carry me
in your heart
like lyrics
and black lace.
(I’ll hold you
in mine
like lilacs
and necklace charms.)

We’ll forgive each other
our wrongdoings.
Let time gloss over the rest
and seal it all
(with a kiss).

my weakness.
my disguise.

Bless you
for loving me.

Forgive me
for needing you.

I’d genuflect,
but even religion doesn’t make me bow.

Your ineptitude at the skill needed to carry this balancing act
is evident, my dear.

You’re failing miserably, baby,
and all I can do is watch,
mouth agape.

(Watch it all unfold
like a circus act
gone horribly awry,
like origami undone.)



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