{Prose}: A Third Installment of Island of Forgotten

This is the third installment of a short story I am writing called Island of Forgotten. Previous installments can be found here and here.

As I began to read the letter to Jonathan, the letters on the page began to sparkle and gradually fade. Each letter disintegrated before my very eyes, and I was left wondering what happened to the man in the letter.

However, as I looked around myself, it seemed everything had a non-permanence of sorts. Everything had a temporary feel to it. I settled my feet into the sand and pulled someone’s forgotten leather jacket over me. I huddled into it because though it was made of buttery smooth leather, it felt as though I were merely pulling a few hastily stitched threads over me. My bones felt chilled as I curled up on that beach, waiting for the darkness to consume me.

Is this what death feels like? I wondered to myself. I opened my eyes and tried to concentrate on the stars that glittered in the sky. I tried to take deep breaths, but each breath I took was shallow and felt forced. Nothing felt natural anymore. I raked my fingertips through the white sand and sifted the grains through my fingertips. I felt I had lost everything, or else everything had lost me.

That’s when I heard her voice calling out as clear as a bell, “Hello?”



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