Every Sand Ashore is Another Reason I Love You

20160719_214227_Richtone(HDR)Yesterday, I returned from a trip where I found wind in my hair, sand between my toes, and cool waters drenching me. I watched the sun set over the horizon as oranges and pinks lingered in the sky, lavenders and other beautiful hues filled my vision. I walked along the shores and kissed the man I love as we whispered promises and made plans for the future. I saw myself growing old with him, and it all became clear why I love him as much as I do. He makes me laugh, he makes me think, he listens to me, he goofs off with me, he does everything for me, and somehow, in the midst of it all, makes me feel magical. There’s nothing better than watching lightning crack the sky as he fidgets with his camera, and I nuzzle in close to see the photo he’s visualizing, or being held in a bed with a comforter tossed lazily over us. He is my absolute everything. He believes in me, in the novel I am writing, in the art I am creating, and through it all, he supports me, despite my failures and my setbacks.

I am so excited about the future. The details may bog us down at times, but there are so many beautiful things in the works. Whether it’s opening a café or traveling to France, writing a novel or learning how to dance a waltz, we are in this together. I have never felt so content as I do when he is with me. I feel as though together, we can tackle anything. I am no longer alone facing a cruel world, instead, I have a partner, an equal, who will help me combat the evil but cherish the beauty as well, and for me to find beauty in this world, is a rare and special gift.

Life has tossed me some curve balls, but the fact that he came into my world so unassuming and is here to stay, is the best gift a girl like me can ask for.



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