Writing about Writing

I’ve always admired authors who write impeccable books that are believable, fascinating, and well-written. Their characters are well-rounded, their plots believable yet transport me into a different place and a different landscape than my own. Until this past year, I have had several manuscript beginnings, novel ideas, plots, characters, etc. accumulating in my desk, in closets, in hidden compartments in my coffee table. This year, I finally decided to tackle one of my novel ideas when I generated some interest among a few publishers. However, lo and behold, I won’t likely be working with those publishers, it has lit a fire in my belly to write my novel. Here I am, 17.6k words later, and I am making progress. While I know, 17.6k words doesn’t sound like all that much (your typical novel runs about 75k to 80k words), it’s more than I have ever devoted to a novel, and I am proud of the progress I have made.

Now, here comes the conundrum. I am on Chapter 7, far from the finish line, loving my writing and enjoying the process, but this particular chapter doesn’t ring true to me. I reread it, and the writing sounds stilted, forced, and part of me just says to keep plugging away at it, but another part wants to tweak it so it sounds less unnatural so I can move forward into the next chapters. I don’t want to grow stuck in this particular chapter, editing and tweaking it, but I also really don’t like how it reads now. I’ve been avoiding my novel (actively avoiding it) for a few days now because I feel ashamed of this current chapter.

I think I will return to it and make a few changes so that it sounds a bit more natural, and then hopefully move on to Chapter 8. In the meantime, I feel like I have been neglecting my WordPress site, hence this update.

To hold everyone over, instead of presenting you with yet another excerpt, I think it’s time to actually update.

Life has been growing hectic lately between trying to plan a budget for a wedding, vacation, work, personal problems with my mother, and seeing old friends I haven’t seen in a while. It seems I haven’t had as much time as usual, but I am going to post another entry in a minute. This time, hopefully, it will be a short work of fiction, either a scene or a short story.



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