{Poetry}: Atlantis (because of Brock Turner)

Dedicated to the Emily Does and Jane Does
among us.

There are no souvenir shops in the cities inside of you.
They were busy being decimated and destroyed by his hateful acts.
You have countries that were robbed of beautiful landscapes
and will never be explored within your heart.
(They’re sinking inside of you like a ship,
like Atlantis.)

The word “No” is something you mumble
as you argue with your blankets
when you replay the memories
night after night after night.
The nightmares start off as innocence,
a swirl of memories.
You will question the power of your own words.
Your throat clenches like a knot when you think of
what you can’t remember.

It was only twenty minutes for him,
but for you, those twenty minutes
mark a beginning and an end of an era.
(There’s a before and after of your life,
but we’re expected to pity the perpetrator
because his steaks taste of rubber.)

All your life choices will taste of regret
and remorse.
You’ll wonder about choices you made,
who you can trust,
why when you wake up in a dark place
your heart races,
but all our sympathy goes to that sweet boy
whose food now tastes of rubber.

We’ve buried cities in our hearts,
drowned countries in our memories,
and they’ve sunk like Atlantis.

Our worlds have been shaken off their axis,
and we’re supposed to apologize.
You expect us to blink up at you and say,
“Sorry”. Don’t you see you’re the ones who hurt us?

You betrayed us and blamed us
when you were the ones
holding us hostage
with your dicks.

It’s not just the guys who hold you at gun point.
They might not always have knives.
Their weapon is their manhood,
and we’re supposed to avert our eyes and apologize.

Cities that will never be explored because
we’re drowning in memories,
and our tears can’t wash away your sins.
I’m livid. I’m seeing red,
and it’s because of all the blood.

No means no.
No consent means no, you cannot pass
through these gates.

I’m drowning in memories,
and there are cities no tourists will ever have access to
because I’ve cordoned off that part of my heart,
and he’s flooded Atlantis
because of his twenty minute action.




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