{Prose}: Another Installment of Island of Forgotten

If you haven’t checked out the first installment of Island of Forgotten, check it out over here. The general plot is that a man wakes up on an island where all the forgotten things end up. He is still coming to terms with his present reality and is struggling to understand where he is and why he is there.

This is the second part of that short story.


The moon’s beams brightened the island, and the white sands sparkled iridescent in the lunar glow. In the center of the island stood a weeping willow, its limbs bowing under the weight of colored glass bottles. The bottles were tied to the tips of the branches with twine and dangled down, nearly grazing the sand.

I approached the tree and stumbled as I walked toward it. It felt as though I had stepped on a set of ribs. I panicked. Were there bodies buried on this island? The dead we had forgotten? Tears stabbed my eyes. Remembering Grandfather. His hands like wrinkled leather. The smell of his pipe. Remembering Renée. Her bright blue eyes. Her beautiful penmanship. How I longed to tell her then how much I loved her, but it was too late. Her parents discovered her hanging from the rafters, a noose at her throat. Every beautiful word I ever thought to say to her was wasted, crumbled in my throat.

I began digging. The sand sifting through my fingers. I murmured apology after apology to my forgotten dead as I dug. As I continued to dig, I unearthed more forgotten memories. Jupiter, my beagle when I was young. The secret, stolen moment when my girlfriend, Jennifer, and I kissed for the first time. The long-lost delight of my mother’s chocolate chip cookies.

It wasn’t ribs or a skeleton I had stumbled over, rather the interworking of a motorcycle. After grabbing it and yanking it out of the sand, I wandered over to the tree and it’s fascinating bottles.

Some of the bottles caught the moonlight and sparkled like dazzling magic. I uncorked one, and a letter unfurled at my feet. I grabbed the paper to unveil its content.

It was a letter addressed to someone named Jonathan. I began to read, curiosity consuming me.

I hope you enjoyed this installment of Island of Forgotten and continue reading to see what happens next!



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