{Poetry}: Chasing Shadows

So, I made my first ever spoken word poem. It’s a poem entitled “Chasing Shadows”, and I wrote the original draft around 2007-2008. It’s undergone a lot of edits since then. I have also created a YouTube channel where I will post more videos of spoken word poetry, poetic musings on life, and generally bleeding ink for an audience.

The link to my YouTube page is: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1bQ3RCPePabrkqiYM2c3Sw

Be sure to follow that if you’re interested!

Also, I’m including the transcript of the spoken word poem here, in case you have trouble hearing anything I said or want to read along.

“Chasing Shadows”

I fumble around in the dark
like a stranger to this town,
breathless attempts at following your lingering
Chasing shadows steals my very breath
from my throat.

You swore you would go nowhere.
I’m begging to learn latitude & longitude
of your ghost worlds
as you are nowhere to be found.

(Map these coordinates,
take me off the grid.
I’m running circles, and I end up
in the same place I started.
Still I’m chasing shadows twice my size.)

I stumble along the way,
boulders masquerading as pebbles.
(Boulders making themselves small enough
to kick, yet they stop me in my tracks
as you once did,
or you still stop me in my tracks
after all these years.)

Posters of missing people, faces vanished
taunt me into believing you’re still out there.
Every once and a while, I hear a breath
like yours.
Remembering it’s my own
brings me to my knees.

“You never forget your first love,” I was told.
Memories fled after the first week,
and I can seldom recall the candle glow of}
your eyes.

Your face fades with time
like eraser-smudged details.
Still, I chase shadows & wake up clutching a pillow,
tears as soft as your name.
They say you never forget,
but what if there’s nothing there to remember?

Let me know what you think in the comments!

Thanks for watching, and I’ll be sure to keep updating this site, my Facebook, and now, my YouTube account!



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