{Poetry}: Heroes (or Heroin’s Needle) & The Silver Screen

The prompt was to convince someone to give up an addiction, but I kind of played with the prompt.

Heroes (or Heroin’s Needle)

I begged this fight before.
My words coming out
as puffs of air against a window.
(You can’t hear when you aren’t listening.)

I found syringes hiding
behind the bathroom toilet.
You stay out late at night,
and when you come home,
your eyes barely stay open.

You try to explain,
“It’s like playing with fire.
There’s an electricity
chasing through my veins.”

I don’t want the reasons.
Do you know what you’re doing?
You play with fire long enough
you’re sure to wind up head-to-toe
in third degree burns.

You steal money from me,
and when I go to ask why steal,
you give me this hurt expression.
(Your eyes go soft, and the blame unzips
from my lips.)

Drugs change you and misshape you.
They take my heart and squeeze the love out.
Wring me dry and leave me desperate,
wishing you would come back to me.
My tears fall on empty ears.
My pleas are ignored.

You just need a fix
damn it.

And I’m not the one fixing anymore,
and I’m not the one finding syringes
behind bathroom toilets anymore.

I gave you up like an addiction
I struggled to quit.

I wrote this one as a joke dedicated to my boyfriend and his love for television.

The Silver Screen

Before I met you, the television was on
once a week maybe.
It was an old wreck with rabbit ears,
just the basic shows.

I watched it mainly for movies.
Now we have a sixty-five inch monstrosity.
I hear the voices of these actors.
I know all these shows.

You tell me, “Baby, I’ll turn it off.
Let’s just have a quiet night.
You can read your short stories
and write your novels.”

I think Paula Deen and Guy Fieri
get more love than me.



2 thoughts on “{Poetry}: Heroes (or Heroin’s Needle) & The Silver Screen

  1. carolineturriff says:

    Love these poems especially the one about heroin addiction – very powerful and evocative. I don’t know if you are talking about yourself in the heroin poem but whoever you are talking about has done very well to get away from their addict lover! I was addicted to drugs using cocaine 22 hours a day and I did try to have a “boyfriend” but I was so wired I couldn’t even have sex let alone experience proper intimacy. My boyfriend said he didn’t like kissing me as I tasted of cocaine. I would get into terrible accidents and just laugh it off as if it were a joke. The reality is only another using addict can have a relationship with a using addict then they are both in the same space and the drugs are the most important thing in the relationship. Any straight person who tries to have a relationship with an addict is going to be in for a nightmare. Luckily my family forced me into treatment at the beginning of 2005 and although I had no intention of getting clean the rehab worked and I have never relapsed since then.


    • lucieguerre says:

      Caroline, I appreciate your honesty and trust in telling me your story. I dated a heroin addict for about a year-and-a-half. He changed me and the way I viewed the world. He was abusive and controlling, but I managed to get out of my relationship with him. However, I still suffer the scars. I am releasing a volume of poetry and some of the poems relate to my time with him, and I touch in elements of his addiction and the cycle of abuse. I can’t imagine the challenges you faced getting off cocaine. I too laughed off a lot of the things that happened while I was with him. Honestly, my twisted sense of humor and my writing have saved me from falling apart. Congratulations on getting clean! I hope you continue to stay clear of drugs and continue reading my blog! 🙂


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