{Prose}: Island of Forgotten

A shield of darkness formed over my gaze, an uninterrupted band of blackness. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I noticed tiny bits of light poking through. These tiny bits of light stabbed and bled through the sky. My mouth puckered as the word clumsily fell out of my lips. “Stars,” I murmured. The word felt heavy and awkward on my tongue.

My eyes dusted with the grit of sleep yet refused to stay open as though I were on the cusp of falling asleep. As I forced myself to take in my surroundings, I noticed the grains of sand clinging to my bare toes. Waves frothed at my feet, nipping them with an unexpected brisk coldness. A bottle brushed to the shore and skimmed my ankle.

I reached forward and grabbed the bottle before the tide swept it away again, its glass frosty against my fingertips. A fringe of ice formed on the ocean waters and crusted on the waves. As the waves broke on the beach, there was the soft shatter of ice crashing the sand.

I uncorked the bottle and under the white illumination of the round ball that was the moon, I unfolded the slip of paper.

“Welcome to the Island of Forgotten,” the curly letters spilled out, “you may remember to forget, or you may choose to forget to remember. The things washed ashore on this beach are what people have forgotten. You may find yourself surrounded by keys to doors that no longer open or watches with their gears missing. Perhaps there will be scarves dripping from the limbs of trees, but each time you enter the Island of Forgotten, you will find yourself immersed in a different landscape. Best of luck!”

While yes, this indeed is not a complete short story, this is the start of a short story I am working on. I am so excited to work on this short story. Let me know what you think! I haven’t written a short story that I am this intrigued by as an author in a while, so I’d love to know if you like it.



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