{Poetry}: This Impossible Everything

The prompt was to write about a fight. Happy International Poetry Month! Sorry for the delays in posts. I’m doing the best I can to catch up. Hope you enjoy what I’ve written so far.

Blood boils.
Passion & pressure paramount.
Cotton clogs cluttering
how I hear.
(This impossible everything.
You love me with a ferocity

I don’t deserve,
yet when you grow angry,
everything inside of me wilts.)

I feel ripped shred to shred,
torn up inside the moment your back turns.
I need this love like breath.
You consume me,
yet I’m the one pushing you toward the door.
(This impossible everything.
I know I don’t deserve your love,
but when you’re angry, I feel the heat
emanating from your eyes.)

When I yell and cuss and fight,
I know what a fool I appear to be.
(This impossible everything.
I keep telling myself to shut up, shut up, shut up,

but clouds form in my eyes,
and the words keep falling out as heavy as boulders.)

This impossible everything.
I love you so damn much,
yet I’m shoving you away
like the ugliness I see looped around my heart,
tying a noose around an emotion,
and smothering the lightness out.


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