{Poetry}: This Beautiful Memory

The prompt was, “your favorite memory”, and while this response may not sound like much: a car ride home from a beautiful camping trip in the fall, it was an absolutely beautiful car ride. It was so sublimely serene. The beauty of the scenery astounded me, and we had fun, just singing and talking and laughing. Happy International Poetry Month!


You sat behind the steering wheel
(the world at your command)
and I in the passenger seat.
You had one hand on my knee,
clasping it tightly like it was your own.
My hair smelled of bonfire smoke and earth.

The road wound in front of us
like a ribbon unspooling.
We sang lyrics to our favorite songs.
A crisp breeze cut through the car
as you curved the car to the turns.

The wind tickling through my hair,
the warm sun drifting in,
a smile on your face from ear to ear.
Me content from a weekend away
(the taste of roasted marshmallows
still in my mouth).

It is such a simple beautiful moment,
and nothing (not even my demons) can shatter it.
The leaves burning brightly as they tumbled down.
I could stay in this moment forever here
with you.



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