{Poetry}: The Journey I Never Traveled

“My favorite thing about myself” was the prompt for yesterday. Sorry I’m just getting around to this now, you guys. Let me know what you think in the comments. It’s definitely not my favorite piece, but let me know if it spoke to you at all or where you think it needs improvement!

You tell me where you’ve been,
and though I haven’t traveled that path,
I know you need a light.
I will provide the flashlight, the candle,
the matchstick necessary to illuminate your way.

You tell me where you’re going,
and though I have been down that road a few times,
I do not stop to lecture or scold.
I merely guide you around the bumps, teach you the safest route.
I will love you
even with your messes and your burdens.

You tell me where you want to be,
and I provide the support, the feedback, the constant source of light.
If I told you “you shouldn’t do it” or “no one else thinks you can”,
I would be eating my toes for days.
(I had a bad case of putting my foot in my mouth when I was young;
now that I’m older, and perhaps wiser, I find the tactful way.)

I provide you with insight and compassion.
I listen
even if I wouldn’t go down
the path you are headed down.
I care about you and love you irreversibly.
I will protect you from the boogeymen and the things
that yell “BOO!” in the middle of the night.
(I love and support, even when I disagree.
Because there is beauty in every option,
and every opinion, even the ones I disagree with,
has its merit.)

He told me once a human mind thinks
like its hands.
There are two options at stake.
This one or that one.
He told me that we need to imagine
the infinite possibilities.
To think like a starfish and consider five choices.
To debate like octopus and think of eight alternatives.

I try my best to put myself in your shoes,
to understand where you stand,
to (if I can’t walk beside you) at least understand
where you’ve been, where you’re coming from,
and where you’re going.

I guess I’d have to say
my absolute favorite thing about me
is my empathy.




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