{Poetry}: Nightly Reminders

Dreams of faces from the past
(like faded photographs coming to life).
I guess what I’m trying to say
I miss you.

You gave me a packet
of paper flowers,
the petals scrawled with
wrapped in white lights
(bundled like twine)

You gave me my dreams,
my words, my photographs,
pasted together and bound up
(“for forever “, you said

I never could look you
in the eye.
This time, I did,
but it was like I wore
a minute timer strapped
to my wrist.
(Time was finite,
and I was constantly on the verge
of running out.)

We reminisced over silly things.
Fedoras and song lyrics.
Writing poetry
underneath angel statues,
but the stars in your eyes multiply
(and echo in mine).

The grains of sand filter down.
Time is a last gasp on a finish line.
There are no daisies stripped
of petals.
Only an angry alarm clock
and a reminder of why we dream.




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