{Poetry}: Interior Weather

Yesterday’s prompt was “my dearest dream”, but I was in no shape for a poem yesterday.


I would never wish for no thunder storms
(because the jagged bolts of lightning & cracks of thunder
have taught me so much),
but maybe a day of sunshine once and a while isn’t so hard to ask.

I’ve come a long way from the girl I was,
dancing in the rain by myself,
to twirling in the setting sun with you by my side.
Yet somehow I still manage to seek disaster daily.
(Constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop
is a discouragement to all my advancements.)

I’m tired of wishes and dreams,
but things are shifting to be less storms and more sun.
I’m tired of wrestling with meteorology and weather forecasts.

I dream of a day where I don’t have to wear a rain jacket and galoshes,
but rather, I can just be free of the worries, the tears, the rainfall
that changes my plans at the spur of the moment.
(Because it’s so damn exhausting changing your plans to and fro
simply based on interior weather.)

This isn’t a real thunderstorm we’re talking about, love.
It’s all metaphors and lace over a lily because the truth is hard to digest,
and sometimes even harder to process than that.
If I come right out and say it, you may banish me to a dungeon
or set the dragons on my tail,
so metaphors it is, and metaphors it will be.



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