{Poetry}: Folded Paper Promises

The prompt was, “a broken promise”. I’m a day late on this one, which means two poems for the price of one today! Happy International Poetry Month, guys!


Folded paper promises can scorch and flame
(even if it is folded to origami, it will still burn).
The ink you used to write
those folded paper promises
splotches & drips down the page
(making an illegible scrawl of every word you ever gave me).

It’s never been enough to tell me you love me.
Actions have been known to speak louder than words.
Stay with me through the thunder storms of my heart.
I remember lying on the floor, our limbs entangled,
tears leaking out of my eyes,
strangled sobs,
“Please don’t leave me. Please.”

You promised forever like a promise etched into glass,
and glass is see-through, I could see the earnest expression
on your face plain as day.
(But glass can shatter and splinter.)
Your eyes were clearly focused on mine.
You were all I had to live for, and every step you took
was a step farther from me.

I woke, entangling limbs,
your legs felt raw.
They scratched at me, searing like a scar.
My eyes flicker open,
you were twigs and a nest,
a pile of wood.
Branches broken & bent
to represent a skeleton
(but the soul, the part I loved most,
had fled).



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