{Prose}: Just Because

“Just because two people love each other doesn’t mean they’re meant to be together.”

Her head spun with stars and all the beautiful things she could imagine without ever saying. She created art out of old cigar boxes, a paper collage of all the words she couldn’t say. The paper smelled of burnt cigars and smoke. Her eyes sometimes clouded with tears too quickly, and he was too reluctant to say he was sorry. He brought her a scratched and old table on wobbly legs. He told her he expected her to create beautiful things out of that old table on wobbly legs. She glued tissue paper in a corner and scribbled a poem in the most beautiful cursive you could imagine. In another corner, a woman’s eyes watched. Fireworks exploded in the center, and aurora borealis burnt somewhere in the middle. She pointed to each photograph and explained a secret language of photography to the boy. His eyes lit on fire when he listened to her. He had gold eyelashes and green eyes, the color of the stone, jade.

He told he loved her the second night they spent together. His feelings bursting forth like an explosion from his chest. A giggle broke free from her throat like a fountain, like a geyser. He always left something behind for her to remember him by. A composition notebook, a comb. She always had so many ideas brimming forth when he was near. He spoke of fire and cigarettes, desire and love. They lay on the floor and flooded the room with music with soaring lyrics and melodies that seemed to float in the air.

One night, they swum among the stars, reflections of candles glowing in the pool water as he spun her in the blue, blue water. She had drunk vodka and lemonade, and the way the candles reflected in the water made everything feel magical. The world floated away as he spun her round and round. He whispered into her collar bone that he loved her. He whispered into her hair that he loved her. He whispered into her mouth before he kissed her that he loved her.

She loved him, and her love burned past the angry nights where he shattered glass just to wake her, where he planted a fist into her wall just to prove a point, where he slammed her to the ground just to quiet an argument. She lay frozen on a couch in disbelief when he pushed her face into the fur of carpet. She remembered eating peaches from a can and feeling so damn lonely for love when she wept in a separate room from him. He listened to her weep and begged her to come back to him, that his arms were open. They shared a bed that was too small for two but too big for one.

Sometimes, the love one has to give is not enough. Sometimes, one has to love bigger than what they expect they can give. And sometimes, just because two people love each other doesn’t mean they’re meant to be together.



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