{Poetry}: The Vicious Cycle

Today’s poetry prompt was, “a hard habit to break”.

You were just
another dumb mistake
(an impossible habit
to break).
You put the spotlight on me,
and I performed
to an empty house.

Your applause was hollow,
and I thought I was the one
These dramatics were bending me
to new lows.
(I’m tired of chasing down dreams,
begging love because no one ever
told me I was enough.)

I chased every broken promise
with starry-eyed belief.
Hope ran me down,
and I believed every empty line.

Some say gullible,
I always thought unbelief was a dirty sin.
So, like all my shameful secrets,
here’s another hard habit to break.
Accepting other people’s lies,
believing everyone
who ever whispered,
“I love you” had the
sincerest intent.

Because I always knew
you’d be a tough habit to kill.



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