{Poetry}: Winter Roses

This poem was extremely hard to write. The challenge I gave myself was to use the last letter of the word prior to it to create a new word. For example, I took the “r” from “winter” to create “roses”. This was a very challenging poem to write but a fun one as well.


Winter roses sparkle even now.
When no one even notices
some eventually yearn novelty.
You, unusual lover,
like evening’s stars show who our real lovers see.
Even now, we engage every youthful love.
Evening glows softly.
(Yesterday, you used doves speaking ghost tongues.
So, our retrospective eventual loves stunned darlings.)

Secrets sliver right through hearts.
(Sometimes, seeming guilty.)
You unhappily yearn, need, desire each.
How wishing grabs souls,
so often never received.
Desire eventually yawns.
Sparkling gossamer roses sometimes sleep.
Perhaps some even notice every yearning gasp.
Petals sometimes surrender roses
(steal love eventual longing grow wasteful, languid.
Destroy your roses, save everlasting gifts)

So often, no one ever remembers self-serving gifts.
So often, no one even notices soft, tender roses,
since every year, rose eventually young give eventual love.
(Even years sell loveless secrets.
So secrets grow, wither.)



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