{Thoughts}: Thoughts before a Wake

It doesn’t make headlines when elderly people pass away. It’s not a news story when an 88 year old man dies. However maybe last night the stars sparkled a little brighter because someone was in heaven adjusting the different knobs and switches to make the stars shine. There was no project this man started that he wouldn’t finish. So maybe there won’t be rain for a while because maybe he played around with the celestial meteorology until everything was perfect. The news reporters won’t comment on the death of an elderly man, but the elderly man was a father, a grandfather, a brother, a son.

I stop believing in heaven years ago, but I still believe in miracles. When the believers look for miracles they look for big signs as blazing as neon. Me? I see purple flowers growing in cracked pavement or the way the sun shines in the midst of a summer rain. The miracles aren’t bold or tacky. They’re always there. We’re just not always looking for them.



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