Spirit Stones


Spirit stones

I don’t speak much about religion. I was raised severely Catholic and went to Catholic school for thirteen years. Catholicism was a huge part of my upbringing. I went to Church every Sunday and Holy Day of Obligation. I was baptized, confirmed (with my hesitation), and my parents want me to be married in the Catholic Church. However, this post isn’t about my resistance to the Church, or how I think the Church is hypocritical and downright hateful at times.

Today, I have started my Spring Cleaning to get rid of some of my ever accumulating junk. While cleaning out my desk (a beautiful consignment shop find from the 1950’s), I found my spirit stones. They were a gift from my ex who had them blessed by a pagan priest (not sure if that’s the proper title). I normally don’t keep tokens from exes, but these, I just can’t let go of. They provide me with comfort.

Each stone represents an important relationship for me. Any cracks or splits represent a break or pain in my psyche or relationship that the stone represents. They also change from dull or glossy, depending on the state of the relationship. It may sound absurd, but these stones really do change.

As you can see, all the stones are shiny. The only one with splits or cracks is my personal spirit stone. It’s the brown one, and it has two distinct splits in it. I’m contemplating what they mean. I think it is fascinating how much these stones mean, considering who they came from. Yet they mean as much to me as my rose quartz and somehow more than some of my rosaries. I definitely consult with them more than my rosaries.

Just some thoughts.



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