{My 500 Word Challenge} Day 16-Write a Confession

Time to get honest and vulnerable.

Share with us an embarrassing fact, an awkward truth, something you wish didn’t happen but did.

Or tell us about failure, a time when you totally messed up, and what you learned from it.

Use this opportunity to help your audience grow – and tell the story in such a way that makes us trust you.

And then once, you’ve got us, share a little bit of truth that could change us.”

I’ve said it before. We all make mistakes. Some seem simple, deceptively so. Others you realize immediately after that you’re only as human as your latest mistake, and while on the surface, my mistake comes across as an obvious one, and I look blind, the only thing missing was my white cane and milky eyes. This experience has changed me, in fact, altered me to my very core.

I keep trying to write this story poetically. I keep trying to find a way to make this an amusing anecdote, but every time I do, it rings false to me.This is going to sound like common sense, but be careful of the people you invite into your life. The people you invite into your world are the people who shape you and who you are becoming. I know I’m supposed to write 500 words on the subject, hence, the 500 word a day prompt, but I just feel as though if I explained my reasoning I couldn’t do it justice.The people you invite into your life change who you become. You can grow cynical by hanging around cynics. You can grow dramatic and emotional if you hang around drama queens. You can grow cold and unforgiving if someone you hang around begs forgiveness too much. There is so much to be said in the expression, “you are the company that you keep.”My brother told me when I was young that he hoped I would befriend people who challenge me to be a better person, and I never realized how true that was until a couple of years ago. I usually, thanks to poor self-esteem, hang out with people who make me feel worse about myself, either intentionally or unintentionally. Regardless, it has taken a toll on me, but when I started dating the man I am with now, I learned that I can be more than what I let myself be up until recently.The reverse is true, as I’ve learned all too well. It’s important to realize that though you exert control within your own life, the people you surround yourself with too impact who you are as a person.I won’t fill this with poetics, nor will I tell my own tale because honestly, it’s too taxing on me, but this is a lesson I will share with anyone who wants to learn a thing or two.Be careful who you invite into your life. Everyone you put into your own life impacts and shapes who you are and who you are becoming.-L.G.



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