Regarding Yesterday’s 500 Words

Yesterday, I challenged myself to follow two prompts. One was “If  you run into someone you know and they say, ‘We should hang out sometime’; just say, ‘I’m ready to hang out right now’ and watch them panic.” and the other prompt was to write in another author’s voice. I attempted to write the small piece I posted was supposed to sound like the author, Simon van Booy, and while I love his poetic, lyrical writing style, it was difficult to write like him. His style is so beautiful and haunting. He stretches sentences longer than I do normally, but it is a beautiful challenge to attempt to write like him.

I want to push myself outside of my comfort zones when it comes to writing. I want to work on different styles of writing; I’m a little disappointed with my progress with my novel. I think it’s important to experiment with styles and to make sure your writing style fits the story you’re trying to tell. This is why I want to experiment more with my style.



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