Hold On & An Opinion of my own on LGBT Matters

Hold On-Jaimie Wilson

Now, those of you who follow my blog regularly know I don’t usually this as an outlet to represent new artists or to talk about the people I’ve met that I think are pretty awesome, but Jaimie is an exception. I saw an ad for his music, and normally, I just scroll by ads for music because I think music is too subjective of a thing to be understood by an algorithm a computer uses to calculate what I might be interested in, but for some reason, his photo just spoke to me.

I clicked the link, not expecting much to be completely honest, musically or content-wise, but then, I read Jaimie’s story. I was so impressed with his openness and honesty. While I am struggling with being raw and real with my own issues ( my bipolar, my PTSD, my bisexuality, my struggles in the past, etc.), here is a young man who is so brave to come forward and admit to being a part of the transgender community.

Now, I would never just rave about this young man for being brave enough to admit who he is and to be taking the positive steps for it, but he is a beacon of positivism, hope, and light for all those who may be struggling with self-identity. While I think too much emphasis is put on people like Caitlyn Jenner and not enough on the everyday people who are transgender or struggling with self-identity, I think it is beautiful to witness this strong, triumphant example of someone who has ended the struggle and is willing to fight the fight openly, despite the fact that it has torn him from his family. Jaimie gave me some time this morning and really opened my eyes up about how people seem to look at the transgender community as a bunch of “freaks” or “weird”, and I think it’s important to emphasize that people who are gay, lesbian, bi, transgender, (or anything I’m missing) are just seeking the same freedoms and privileges as everyone else: the ability to exist in society looking and feeling the way they want to look and feel. I know this is a broad case of over-simplification, but I am so tired of people being bullied, beat up, or killed over such superficiality.

Whenever people asked me about being bisexual, my response was always, “I love who I love based on that love, not what’s between their legs.” People get so caught up in labels and their need to identify everyone as conforming to such-and-such a label, and it’s an exhausting world to live in if you have to constantly keep up with the labels. Let’s just label everyone we meet as human and judge them as judging seems fit. What I’m saying is, everyone’s human, everyone has a battle, and we can choose to be gracious and understand the climb that everyone’s on, or we can be the jerk who doesn’t take time to realize the thread that ties us all together.

And that thread, it may be silver, it may be gold, it may glitter, it may be red, or blue, or cruescent, it may be purple with green polka dots, but the important thing (the only thing that matters) is that thread, that ribbon I’m referring to is love.

For those curious about Jaimie Wilson’s music, please feel free to support him. His music is available at iTunes, Google Music Play, and all other online music stores. His Instagram account that describes his process is @tboy61915. I described his music on my Facebook page as well. I would say “Hold On”, the track I posted here on my blog is more of an alternative rock style, but he also does pop covers and country covers. However, he also writes his own songs, sings, and plays the piano and guitar. I am really impressed with his diversity of song choices. When I listened to his version of “Stay with Me” by Sam Smith, I was wowed as well. To be fair, it’s completely unlike the original. Instead of being anthemic, however, it’s raw and haunting, more Damien Rice than Sam Smith. Regardless, Jaimie is definitely a star to watch rising his way to the top!


PS: I may make some enemies with this post, but if you don’t think everyone is human and deserves the same basic happinesses as you, you were never my friend to begin with.


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