{My 500 Word Challenge:} Day 1-Free Write

Free-writing is writing without worrying about editing or punctuation or anything else that would keep you from, well, actually writing. The idea is to get the words down as quickly as possible and work on the polishing of the prose later.

If you can get into the habit of doing this, you will find that you CAN crank out 500 words, sometimes more, every single day without trouble. Otherwise, you’ll get stuck endlessly editing the same 200 words over and over again, never hitting your mark.

Master the art of silencing the inner critic, letting go of perfectionism, and embracing your art.”

I know the quote says not to worry about editing or punctuation, but I usually have the weird habit of typing with proper punctuation and grammar as I go anyway. Despite that, I’m going to consider this a free-write because I’m writing it stream-of-consciousness style. So, this has been a crazy, hectic, exhausting, puke-and-pain-filled week for me. Too much information? Tough nuggies; this is my stream-of-consciousness. Your regularly broadcast will resume tomorrow.

Yesterday, I was in such bad pain from cramps, I was doubled over at work. Today, I got in a weird sort of spat with my manager. I was a bit dazed and confused today at work, due to the complications of yesterday’s fiasco, and one of my favorite co-workers came up with a project. So, as she’s working on her project and I’m working on mine, we start chitchatting. Well, I’m putting in my two weeks’ notice tomorrow, so I’m kind of taking it easy the next 14 days, especially considering I had to go to see a doctor yesterday, and my stress levels have been through the roof lately. So, all morning, I had been helping guests, placing orders, printing 229 signs (long story there), and generally doing a kick-ass job at my job. I asked my co-worker to switch departments with me, but that had more to do with the nature of the job for the day. I got managerial approval. Aforementioned co-worker got assigned a task to do in my department. All’s good in the hood, right? Not quite.

Boss Lady might as well have the nickname Dragon Lady cause she’s breathing fire 8.9/10 I see her. So, today, it was about 11:45, and I was scheduled to be off at noon. Well, the moment she comes up to the register, I had paused from my task to talk to my co-worker. Dragon Lady walked by and glared. She said, “Shouldn’t you guys be working, and not just talking?” We nodded together, and when she walked away, I went back to my work. Ten minutes later, I was still working on my project when Dragon Lady calls out, “Now, Claire, aren’t you supposed to take over when she leaves at noon?” My co-worker said yes, so a couple of minutes go by, when Dragon Lady calls out, “I think it’s noon; I think it’s time for you to go.”

I glance at my watch, 11:58 AM. “My boyfriend’s not here yet, would you like me to stay and help finish up with my project?” I said.

“No,” came the curt response. “You can go.” So, essentially, I was kicked out of my own place of employment because Dragon Lady simply didn’t want me there. I had missed a few days of work because of being sick, and yet, after three hours and fifty-eight minutes, I’m being told to leave. (Granted, I was only scheduled for four hours, but the two minutes, and the brusque brush-off kind of…put me off.) So, I clocked out and sort of stumbled out.

It was just the amount of weirdness that left me unsettled.

And that, my dears, is my stream-of-consciousness. Pretty boring, but I needed to vent.






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