Dreamscapes & Imaginary Colors

These two scenes I’ve spliced together show the beauty of cinematography. This is why I wish I could make a movie some day. Michel Gondry’s expansive imagination, coupled with his beautiful gifts of amazing imagery (a scene taken from The Science of Sleep), and then you have the utter, crushing beauty of dreamscapes found in Inception. These scenes haunt me and make me want to improve my writing. It almost makes me want to make a movie.

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Anyway, imagery aside, I had an incredible conversation with Alfred today in one of my fiction writing groups about making up your own words.

Me: I made up a word while writing late one night in high school, and I still use it all these years later. “Cruescent (croo-ess-ent) adjective. Shade of bright blue. The color of antique glass bottles and the sky between late night and sunrise.

I still make up words, but cruescent is my favorite. It’s my favorite color too. It probably deserves a better definition, but I am so guilty of making up words, especially in my poetry.”

Alfred: “I love that, and I’m going to find a way of stealing it!”

Me: “Please do! Make it your word of the day. Do you know what blue I’m talking about? I guess technically, it’s considered a cobalt blue…”

Alfred: “Yeah, I saw it! Only a bit darker and maybe a slight hint of gray to it.”

Me: “Interesting. I think that makes sense with the ‘sky’ part of the definition, but I’ve seen the sky go cruescent, and it’s magical.”

I know it was just a conversation about a color name I made up for a color I absolutely adore, but this conversation made me feel really amazing. It’s just one of those things if you can share something that is magical to you with another, maybe you can spread the magic.



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