{Thoughts}: The Work in Progress

Within my own mind, I am starting to drop the “aspiring” part of my title. When people talk to me about my passion, writing, I no longer say, “I’m an aspiring author,” or “I’m aspiring to write a novel”. It’s a change in language for me because for so long, my day job has dictated who I am to me. “I’m a cashier” or “I’m a chef” or “I work in sales”, but now, writing has become a part of my every day conversations with people. A couple of nights ago, after work, I walked to the Mexican restaurant in the same strip mall as my job and grabbed a bite to eat. Since I was eating by myself, I decided to eat at the bar. No biggie. I had a pen and paper and started jotting down some notes for my work-in-progress. Now, I know bartenders just happen to be friendly to people sitting by themselves (maybe he thought my date ditched me or something, who knows?), but this bartender lingered near where I was sitting, asked if I was writing a novel. Most people when they see me scribbling in my notebooks assume it’s homework or something, so I glanced up from my writing, and told him yes, I was working on a novel, just making notes at the moment.

I gave him a brief overview of the plot, and instead of scrunching up his nose or looking at me like I was crazy, the first question out of his mouth (without me even mentioning the significance of dreams play into the novel) was, “Is it based on a dream you had?” Surprised, “Yeah, actually it is.” Then, I told him about the main character and how her dreams are colliding with reality. I explained a little bit of the plot to him.

By the end of the night,  when I was settling up my tab, he came up behind me, clapped me on the shoulder and told me he can’t wait to hear more about once I finished it.

It was one of those amazing feelings that lingered with me, and so now, I’m doing everything I can to finish the story I started years ago because this story has been haunting me for ages. I need to get the words out. I need to tell the story because now, people are hungering for it.




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