Stunned: A Crooked Angel’s Death


You were one of the few angels I knew in a land of demons.  You with your guitar and your soft voice.  If you had touched me, I would have fallen to pieces like a pile of ash, looking so solid but really as soft as feathers.


Where cruelty was king and kindness was all but a whisper of a memory, you were kind.  You were willing to rescue a damsel in distress and fight for truth and justice.

I know you weren’t perfect.  Hell, none of us were, but you were honest about your struggles, admitting the darkness you faced.  I remember sitting on the balcony talking to you for hours when no one else would even look at me.  I was a second thought to most, a black eye on an otherwise perfect face.


You taught me to believe, to not give up.  You made me believe in the kindness of others.  It took a strong man to stand up to him, to save me, to pull me away from the cycle I was used to riding, and if it weren’t for the wake up call you forced me to have, I may have still been riding that cycle like a hamster on a wheel.

I hadn’t looked for you in years because God knows, I wanted to put that memory behind me.  I searched you to thank you, to tell you how much you meant to me, and I find this.

“Angel, musician. At 9:35 PM, March 20th, you quietly became a true free spirit.  May you rest in peace.

“Burn The Past,
Forget the Future,
Live for the now.” J.N.



4 thoughts on “Stunned: A Crooked Angel’s Death

    • lucieguerre says:

      Thank you so much. I was just kind of dumbfounded by my friend’s death. I haven’t seen him in a few years, but he was a huge support of mine when I was going through the worst time.


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