The Beginning of a Letter to Those who shall Remain Nameless

Dismantle this dream I’ve been having. Tell me I’m not enough. Encourage me to foster more realistic dreams. I will mind my manners, I will behave myself in the streets. I will not protest, I will not fight. I will be a good girl. I will be the daughter you always wanted. There will always be a smile on my face and lighthearted tones.

I will forget the past and its weight on my shoulders. I will write about pleasant things if I write at all. I will not embarrass you nor will I be honest in my intention.

The truth will be candied and sugar coated. No one needs the truth. What they need is another cliché.

I wish I could apologize and take back every word I ever scribbled on blank sheets of paper. Every word ever typed into the Internet, on to Microsoft Word, etched into my heart. You always told me honesty is the best policy, but you never told me you’re proud of my writing, that I am doing something brave and beautiful.

I know in my heart, my writing is good, my writing is important, and these words can transform lives. Just believe in me and I can change the world.



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