This Roller Coaster Ride

I’ve been slurring my words for weeks now, and you discredit every word I ever said calling me a “drunk”, but baby, don’t you know I’m just drunk on you?  This bourbon is just a prop; it’s your eyes that make me dizzy.  I never saw anything truer than your eyes locked into mine, and when I blink, you’re still staring all the same.  This is not a game or a staring contest.  This is forever, and I’m locked into your embrace like the seat belt they put on you when you ride a roller coaster.  I know this life is a wild ride; I’ve been riding it long enough, but somehow the loop-de-loops don’t feel so scary with you white-knuckling past the fear with me.

I’ve never been afraid of heights, but sometimes, I grow fearful when I glance where my feet dangle as I see all the places I have been, and this slow, creaky climb is enough to make me squeeze my eyes shut and let out a scream.  The past has a way of hurtling me towards my future, and baby, you should know by now, my future is you.



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