{Writing 201}:Cubicle Island

Time ticks by so slow,
but pretty soon no one will find me, search high or low.
For I will be on the beach, my toes digging into the sand
with a margarita or piña colada in hand.
Only eight hours to go.

I will be on an island, eating seafood,
in an exotic getaway where no one dare be rude.
I will continue my daydreams
until my boss, red in the face, screams.
I tell him to calm, no need to be crude.

I have eight hours to go, but I’m ready to flee.
Once on that trip, I’ll finally be free.
From plane to boat,where I’m going there’s no need for coat.
There will be plenty of time for me and to sight-see.

This day, will it ever end?
I have so much business with which I must attend.
I’m sick of this stupid place;
I’m tired of the rat race.
Maybe retirement’s right around the bend.

The writing prompt was “journey”, and the form I wrote it in is a limerick.  There were multiple limericks, and basically, the overall theme of journey was not simply a vacation to a beach, it was the narrator discovering maybe he or she is ready for retirement, the journey away from a boring life and maybe that of a tropical bliss instead.

I had fun with this prompt, though it was not the journey I as the author had originally planned out.  Most of the time when I write, I see my writing going a specific way, but this time, my writing surprised me.  Limericks are easy to write; they just take some getting used to.  I called the poem “Cubicle Island” because I picture the narrator sitting in a cubicle, just imagining this paradise getaway all day long.



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